Thank You 2016 Donors!nov-1-thermometer

The Association of Women Surgeons Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of women in surgery. Our mission to provide opportunities for the educational and professional growth of women in surgery relies on the gracious support of benefactors. We thank you on behalf of the many women who have directly benefited from your gift.

Special thanks to the following organizations, companies, and individuals for their contributions.

Diamond Level Contributors:
$350,000 +

Platinum Level Contributors:
$35,000 – $349,999
Yeu-Tsu Margaret Lee, MD

Gold Level Contributors:
$3,500 – $34,999
Barbara Lee Bass, MD, FACS
Simone Alise Betchen, MD, FACS
Annesley W. Copeland, MD, FACS
Marie Crandall, MD, MPH, FACS
Myriam J. Curet
Lillian Erdahl, MD
Heather Leigh Evans, MD, MS, FACS
Nancy Gantt, MD, FACS – In honor of Dr. Hilary Sanfey and in memory of Dr. Larry R. Pennington
Joyce A. Majure, MD
Dixie J. Mills, MD
Patricia J. Numann, MD
Sara Kirsten Rasmussen, MD, PhD
Danny Robinette, MD
Hilary Sanfey, MB, BCh, MHPE
Cheng Har Yip, FRCS

Silver Level Contributors:
$350 – $3,499
John L.D. Atkinson, MD
Stephanie Bonne, MD
Candice Castro, MD, FACS
Amalia Cochran, FACS, FCCM
Maryanne Dokler
Margaret M. Dunn, MD, MBA
Julie A. Freischlag
Celeste Hollands, MD
Mary Alicia Hooks, MD, MBA – In honor of Dr. Hilary Sanfey and in memory of Dr. Larry Pennington
Emina Huang, MD, FACS, FASCRS
Eunice Yuee-Dean Huang, MD, MS
Marybeth Hughes, MD FACS
Lauren A. Licata, MD
Virginia R. Litle, MD
Marilyn Marx, MD, MBA, FACS
Jeffrey B. Matthews, MD
Mary C. McCarthy, MD
Stacey A. Milan, MD
Anne C. Mosenthal, MD
Leigh Neumayer, MD,MS
Sareh Parangi, MD, FACS
Elizabeth A. Shaughnessy, MD,PhD
Sharon L. Stein, FACS, FASCRS
Beth Sutton, MD
Betsy Tuttle-Newhall, MD
Danielle Walsh, MD, FACS, FAAP
Jane S. Wey, MD
Robin Williams, MD

Bronze Level Contributors:
$35 – $349
Shannon N Acker, MD
Elizabeth Acquista, MD, FACS
Chris and Theresa Anderson – In celebration of the marriage of Liz Robertson and Christopher Grey!
Jeanne F. Ballinger, MD
S. Kathleen Bandt
Linda Barney, MD
Stepheny Dawn Berry, MD
Ivy Billones, MD
Mary L. Brandt, MD
Ines Buccimazza
Kathleen M. Casey, MD
Jennifer N. Choi, MD
Donna Coulombe
Meredith Colleen Duke, MD, MBA
Paula Ferrada
Shannon Marie Foster, MD, FACS
Erin MacKenzie Garvey
Erin Wian Gilbert, MD
Loretto Ann Glynn, MD
Ellen Joyce Hagopian
B.J. Hancock, FACS, FRCSC
Jennifer Harris, MD, PhD
Kimberly M. Hendershot
Marion Henry, MD, MPH
Alexzandra K. Hollingworth, MD
Mary Ann Hopkins, MD, M.Phi
Kathryn Ann Hughes, MD, FACS
Laura S. Johnson
Christian Jones, MD, FACS
Kimberly T. Joseph
Susan Kaiser, MD, PhD
Kelly Kempe, MD
Leslie J. Koman, MD
Janet Tien-Ming Lee, MD
Mary E. Maniscalo-Theberge, MD
Sarah Zhanna Minasyan
Jean Fung Miner, MD, MMEL, FACS
Ellen Morrow
Mary K. Murray, MD
Katie S. Nason, MD, MPH
Tawakalitu Salewa Oseni, MD
Barbara J. Pettitt, MD
Giao Quynhthi Phan, MD
Susan Elaine Pories, MD, FACS
Qiong Qiu
Diane Radford, MD, FACS, FRCSED
Chantal Reyna, MD
Taylor S. Riall, MD, PhD
Patricia Lynne Roberts, MD, FACS
Kimberly Ruscher
Arghavan Salles, MD
Mary Santos, MD
Iva Smollens, MD
Susan A. Stuart, MD
Sonia Lee Sugg, MD – In honor of Kim Ephgrave
Yasuko Tomizawa, MD
Margaret Tracci, MD, JD
Michaela A. West, MD, PhD, FACS
Laura Witherspoon, MD
University of Wisconsin – Madison