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The AWS Foundation Legacy Fund seeks contributions from AWS members and others in support of innovative programs that have the power to impact the future of the field of surgery. Donate Online or Click here for a mail-in form to support the Foundation's important work.

The organization set a goal of raising $65,000 to help grow AWS and its offerings. Click here for more information. Our fundraising campaign has been a great success this year. We made it all the way to our goal. Thanks to all our donors!

"Were it not for the undaunted spirit of a few exceptional women, many barriers would still exist to discourage women from becoming surgeons. What we do today to support the AWS Foundation can create real change for women surgeons tomorrow." - Tamar Earnest, MD, FACS 

AWS Foundation Programs, Fellowships & Awards

AWS FoundationKim Ephgrave Visiting Professor Program - The AWS Foundation funds a Visiting Professorship Program that allows women surgeons to share their expertise with medical students. This program provides medical schools with the opportunity to request top women surgeons as speakers and receive funding from the AWS Foundation. Opportunities to lecture heighten the visibility of women surgeons while encouraging women medical students to pursue similar careers. In addition, the Kim Ephgrave Visiting Professor Program promotes dialogue between practicing surgeons and the academic community.

Since 1996, the AWSF/Ethicon, Inc. Fellowship has supported a number of women surgeons by funding original research in topics of flexible GI endoscopy, laparoscopy, minimal access techniques or related emerging technology. Click here for more information on the AWSF Fellowships.

AWS Foundation annually recognizes individuals who have contributed exceptional service to women in surgery through the Nina Starr Braunwald, AWS Past Presidents' Honorary Member, Hilary Sanfey Outstanding Resident, Patricia Numann Medical Student, and Olga Jonasson Distinguished Member awards. Click here for more information on the AWSF awards.

"Every woman practicing medicine owes a debt of gratitude to those who have paved the way.  And we who are now on the path have an opportunity to smooth the way for others to follow."
                                                                  - Patricia J. Numann, MD, FACS

Click here for an office brochure - an opportunity for patients to thank their surgeons.AWS Foundation Honor/Memorial Program

The Honor/Memorial Program offers an opportunity to:

  • Thank someone who cared for you or
    your family member.

  • Honor someone who encouraged you.

  • Recognize someone who taught you.

  • Pay tribute to someone who inspired you.

  • Support the efforts of AWS to train and mentor women surgeons.

Click here for an office brochure - an opportunity for patients to thank their surgeons. This brochure is also available in print from the AWS office at no charge. Contact AWS to request a quantity of the brochures for your office.

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