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American Journal of SurgeryAWS COLLABORATIONS

  • American Journal of Surgery (AJS): The American Journal of Surgery became the official publication of the Association of Women Surgeons in March of 2004 with the agreement that AWS would submit a series of articles with the purpose of providing practical guidance for residents and junior surgical faculty in the development and advancement of career goals. American College of Surgeons
  • American College of Surgeons (ACS): AWS has been affiliated with ACS since its beginning, having been formed out of an informal gathering at an annual ACS Clinical Congress in 1981. We continue to hold our annual AWS Conference in conjunction with the ACS Clinical Congress each year, and have a representative Governor on the ACS Board of Governors, along with AWS members who serve/have served on the ACS Board of Regents (including the current President, AWS Founder Dr. Patricia J. Numann).
  • National Women's History MuseumNational Women’s History Museum (NWHM): AWS is a member of the NWHM National Coalition, a group of national, predominantly women’s organizations that support the mission of the NWHM. One of the more immediate objectives of the NWHM National Coalition is to support the efforts to acquire a permanent site near the National Mall in Washington, DC. There was no financial obligation in AWS joining the NWHM National Coalition.