Clinical Practice Committee
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The Clinical Practice Committee's aim is to support and promote women surgeons in various practice environments including private, academic, rural and military. Additionally, we recognize that career paths often shift during our lifetime, and we have been developing resources for women going through transitions of their practice, for example, from training to career, academic to private, or military retirement to civilian practice. Members of the committee therefore come from all variations of practice, and hearing on the quarterly conference calls the perspectives and input from all perspectives is truly enjoyable and enlightening!

Clinical Practice Committee Tools and Resources:

A Guide to Hijab in the Operating Room for Hospitals or A Guide to Hijab in the Operating Room for Hijab-Wearing Women

Transition of Practice White Papers
Seldom does a path in one's life follow a smooth straight course. Bumps, u-turns, roadblocks, and fast curves are inevitable. Possessing the tools to handle them safely with minimal collateral damage is the key to success. This paper was created to assist in giving tips for transitioning through the stages of training and moving between various forms of practice. Additionally, it helps to define the types of practice, benefits and drawbacks of each and how our authors maneuvered the course.(Last Updated: 2018)

Educational Resource Library
This set of resources was developed based on AWS committee member feedback from focus groups and surveys. The resources have been divided based upon level of training.

Committee Leaders:

Elizabeth Acquista, MD, FACS, Chairperson

Mary Maniscalco-Theberge, MD, FACS, Vice Chair

Michelle (Shell) Brownstein, MD, FACS, Vice Chair