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Clinical Practice Committee
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The Clinical Practice Committee's aim is to support and promote women surgeons in various practice environments including private, academic, rural and military. Additionally, we recognize that career paths often shift during our lifetime, and we have been developing resources for women going through transitions of their practice, for example, from training to career, academic to private, or military retirement to civilian practice. Members of the committee therefore come from all variations of practice, and hearing the perspectives and input from all perspectives is truly enjoyable and enlightening!

Our committee has quarterly conference calls, and in addition to discussing some specific projects, we have incorporated some recurring themes.

Clinical Practice Committee Projects and ResourcesThe Clinical Practice Committee has developed useful resources to help surgeons successfully navigate their career, such as a  Transition of Practice White Paper; Fellowship Advice Survey; Digital Resource Library for Trainees; Military Surgeons Professional Development Program; and Coaching, Mindfulness and Surgery.

Book Club: Each meeting we review a book on a topic relevant to our lives. This started in response to the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. As we discussed it briefly as an aside during one of our calls, we came up with the plan to come back the next time and discuss it in more detail. It was so interesting that after that review, we decided to make this a regular part of our discussions. We also write up either a blog or brief summary of our discussions to share with the membership at large.

Social Media: Many of our committee projects and sometimes our book club discussions have evolved into full discussions as a Tweet Chat events.

Committee Leaders:

Sasha Adams, MD, FACS-Chairperson           

Elizabeth Acquista, MD, FACS–Vice Chair