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Donor Recognition

Thank You Donors

Thank you to our 2017 donors! You graciously helped us raise over $58,000 for women in surgery!

The Association of Women Surgeons Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of women in surgery. Our mission to provide opportunities for the educational and professional growth of women in surgery relies on the gracious support of benefactors. We thank you on behalf of the many women who have directly benefited from your gift.

Special thanks to the following organizations, companies, and individuals for their contributions.

Diamond Level Contributors:
$350,000 +

Platinum Level Contributors:
$35,000 – $349,999

Gold Level Contributors:
$3,500 – $34,999

Dr. Hilary Sanfey

Dr. Yeu-Tsu Lee
Dr. Myriam Curet

Silver Level Contributors:
$350 – $3,499

Dr. Hiba Abdel Aziz
Dr. Elizabeth Shaughnessy
Dr. Margaret Dunn
Dr. Nancy Gantt
Dr. Betsy Tuttle-Newhall
Dr. Robin Williams
Dr. Patricia Numann
Dr. Joyce Majure
Dr. Marybeth Hughes
Dr. Celeste Hollands
Dr. Lillian Erdahl
Craig Sondalle
Dr. Martha Zeiger
Dr. Keith Lillemoe
Dr. Annesley Copeland
Dr. Dixie Mills
Dr. Danielle Walsh
Dr. Meredith Duke
Dr. Giavonni Lewis
Dr. Sonia Sugg
Dr. Marilyn Marx
Dr. Rosemary Kozar
Dr. Barbara Bass
Dr. Sharon Stein
Dr. Mary Brandt
Dr. Stephanie Bonne

Bronze Level Contributors:
$35 – $349

Dr. Sara Rasmussen
Dr. Jean Miner
Dr. Margaret Tracci
Dr. Holly Neville
Dr. Jennifer Choi
Dr. Christian Jones
Dr. Ronald Rhodes
Dr. Jeffrey Matthews
Dr. Carla Pugh
Dr. Barbara Pettitt
Dr. Laura Johnson
Dr. Rachel Slotcavage
Dr. Chantal Reyna
Dr. Marilyn Raffensperger
Dr. Katie Nason
Dr. Candice Castro
Dr. Susan Reid
Dr. Jaime Lewis
Dr. Lauren Licata
Dr. Leslie Kohman
Dr. Sasha Adams
Dr. Diana Farmer
Dr. Mary Maniscalco-Theberge
Dr. Julia Sone
Dr. Cheng Har Yip
Dr. Amy Tan
Dr. Erin King
Dr. Jessica Okun
Dr. Loretto Glynn
Dr. Kari Jerge
Dr. Karyn Butler
Dr. Carrie Sims
Dr. Irene Wapnir
Dr. Susan Kaiser
Dr. Mary Catherine Santos
Dr. Jo Carol Hiatt
Dr. Susan Stuart
Dr. Laura Witherspoon
Dr. Shannon Foster
Dr. Marion Henry
Dr. Marisa Earley
Donna Coulombe
Dr. Susan Pitt
Dr. Elizabeth Peralta
Dr. Tanya Zakrison
Dr. Ann Rogers
Dr. Kimberly Joseph
Dr. Amy Liepert
Dr. Heena Santry
Dr. Holly Mason
Dr. Nicole Saur
Dr. Jesse Joshua Smith
Dr. Yuk Ming Liu
Dr. Katie Bandt
Dr. Aixuan Holterman
Dr. D'Andrea Joseph
Dr. Mary Murray
Dr. Patricia Eadie
Dr. Lucy Love
Dr. Rachel Michael
Dr. Lisa Reid
Dr. Jessica Reynolds
Dr. Kristen Sihler
Dr. Margaret Tarpley
Dr. Vivian Torres
Dr. Lianne Wachira