Low & Middle Income Countries Award Winner

The AWS Foundation is proud to announce that Dr. Mumba Chalwe-Kaja, the first female urologist in Zambia, received the 2017 AWSF Low & Middle Income Countries Award in December in Maputo, Mozambique.



In the culturally conservative Zambia, Dr. Chalwe-Kaja took up a controversial specialty in urology, which focuses on men’s health. As the first and only woman urologist in Zambia, not only does she inspire young women in medicine, but she also represents a challenge to longstanding gender stereotypes. Through her advocacy, she hopes to bring about a transformation in her country.

Currently, she runs Stiletto INK, a wellness and lifestyle organization that is focused on reproductive and sexual health edu-tainment. She also reaches out to women in local communities by educating them during their traditional rite-of-passage ceremonies. She has been lauded for defying the status quo and for her great achievements even against the odds.

Watch a video interview with Dr. Mumba Chalwe-Kaja on receiving the 2017 LMiC award:



This award was established in 2016 to enable a woman surgeon in a low or middle income country to attend a surgical meeting, participate in a workshop or other career development or educational opportunity.


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