Student Committee

The mission of the AWS Student Committee is to develop resources to support, educate and inspire women medical students pursuing a career in surgery. View the 2016-2017 Medical Student Committee roster. The AWS Student Committee accepts new committee member applications every spring.

Student members may also participate in other AWS committees.

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Making the decision to go into surgery is a difficult one and the Association of Women Surgeons aims to provide adequate resources, support and mentorship to assist medical students interested in a surgical career.  The goal of AWS is to enable and empower women interested in surgery to realize their personal and professional goals.

The AWS National Medical Student Committee works hard to help advance the AWS mission for our members and medical school chapters.  The committee is compromised of 15 enthusiastic medical students who are committed to inspiring, encouraging and enabling all medical students to achieve their goals in surgery.

Last years leadership was incredibly productive for our medical student committee and in the upcoming year we plan to continue building a strong foundation.  Over the past year 11 new medical student chapters were approved, and we currently have over 60 chapters both nationally and internationally. Our committee has been impressed by the creativity and enthusiasm the medical student chapter leaders have brought to their home institutions. Over the next academic year, we hope to continue growing our student chapter network and provide increased opportunities for inter-chapter collaboration within regions.  If you would like to start an AWS medical student chapter at your school please contact us!

There are many benefits available to AWS members including the resources created by our committee members, several of which are specifically designed to assist students interested in surgery. In addition to our guides on away rotations and performing research, our committee recently created a guide on being successful during the surgery clerkship. The committee aims to continue the development of new resources for AWS student members.

We are honored to support all students interested in surgery, and enthusiastically encourage students to join AWS. As a member, you’ll benefit from the resources, mentorship and inspiration AWS provides. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining AWS!

Hilary McCrary
Hilary McCrary
Hilary Caitlyn McCrary
Chair of the AWS Medical Student Committee, 2016-2017