Looking Forward to Move Forward


The Association of Women Surgeons is pleased to launch "Looking Forward to Move Forward," a new series dedicated to highlighting the thoughts of fantastic women surgeons and surgeons-in-training on mentorship, AWS, and hopes for the future of surgery.

Palca Shibale, MD MS

Who has served as a mentor to you thus far in your career?

Dr(s): Sherene Shalhub, Angela Gibson, Lauren Nosanov, and Lee Wilke

How have your mentors impacted your surgical career?

My mentors are amazing!! Early mentorship is the reason I chose surgery as a career. They continue to support my growth, serve as a source of knowledge, help me set goals and maintain accountability.

What impact has AWS and AWSF had on your path to surgery?

It has served as a source of community and inspiration seeing so many other women choose and thrive in surgery! Especially so as a Black Woman.

What are you looking forward to seeing accomplished, either in your personal career or in the larger surgical community?

I want to see decreased racial disparities in both surgical care and outcomes . I plan to be involved in local and/or national renewal of initiatives aiming to improve healthcare equity.