Find the AWS Membership that's right for you

All applicants for membership shall complete the online application and submit it with any required dues. Membership in this organization is continuous with payment of all dues and assessments. Membership will be on an anniversary basis and is renewed annually.

For Practicing Surgeons

AWS provides its members a unique community of mentoring, education, and networking for personal and professional growth. AWS also promotes leadership opportunities and celebrates the achievements of women surgeons worldwide.

Choose from the following membership categories:

  • Regular ($250) - Regular membership is open to all surgeons and includes an annual digital subscription to the American Journal of Surgery. Regular members may vote and hold office.
  • New Surgeon ($175): Membership is available at a reduced cost to new surgeons within the first two years following residency or fellowship training. New Surgeon members may vote and hold office.
  • Lifetime ($5,000): Lifetime membership is open to regular members only, with a one-time membership fee charge.
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For Residents & Fellows

AWS provides residents, interns and fellows with access to their peers and potential mentors who can guide them through the personal and professional transitions of their careers. Topics addressed through AWS by both residents and practicing surgeons include wellness during residency and pregnancy, targeting and tracking professional goals and career advancement.

  • Resident Member ($50): Resident membership is open to surgical interns, residents or fellows in training. Resident members may vote and hold office.
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For Students

AWS sets the stage for a successful career supplying tools and information to faculty, counselors, and students. Through the AWS Student membership, students find a strong community for sharing experiences, learning best practices and developing leadership skills.

  • Student ($25): Student membership is open to all students in medical school with a career interest in surgery. Student members may vote or hold a position on the AWS Council. Student members may not be an Executive Officer.
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Special Membership Categories


International Membership (LMIC-Only)

AWS offers discounted annual dues to surgeons and trainees who live in/maintain a primary address in a country that is defined by as low or lower-middle income economy. If you are from a qualifying country and are eligible for discounted pricing, please apply for the appropriate International Membership and AWS will review your application. Contact [email protected] with questions. 

PLEASE NOTE: International Surgeon members (Levels I & II) may vote and may hold office. International surgical trainees members (Level III) may vote and hold a position on the AWS Council but may not be an Executive Officer. International membership does not include a complimentary AJS subscription. 

  • Level I: Surgeon from lower-middle-income country ($100)
  • Level II: Surgeon from low-income country ($50)
  • Level III: Surgical trainees (Students/Residents/Fellows) from low- or lower-middle-income country ($25)
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Associate membership ($200) is open to any individual who does not qualify for Regular membership but is supportive of the mission of the Association. Associate members may not vote or hold office. An Associate membership application must be accompanied by a letter of request that explains how the applicant will support the AWS Mission.

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Emeritus membership (no cost) is open to any regular AWS member who has maintained a membership for at least three years and who is fully retired. Emeritus members may not vote or hold office. Applications must be accompanied with a letter of request for Emeritus status. To apply, email [email protected]

Institutional Membership

AWS helps organizations – universities and hospitals – support their leadership training, achieve retention goals and advance their women surgeons. Each membership includes a limited number of AWS memberships for the residents enrolled in your residency program, discounted advertising on the website for open positions, and all other AWS member benefits. For more information visit the AWS Institutional Membership section.

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